About GDC

The Gopalakrishnan Deshpande Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (GDC) has been established at IIT Madras in August 2017 to provide the necessary thought leadership and networking impetus to help in building the systems and processes that enable innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across the Institute at all levels.

GDC aims to nurture and evangelise innovation so that it pervades a wide swathe of activities in the Institute, ranging from teaching to research to product development and policy making.

GDC will help crystallise out-of-the-box solutions that emerge from the Institute’s labs, faculty and research scholars, as well as from fertile young minds which in turn will create significant economic and social impact at a national and, eventually, at a global level. 


GDC deals with the following stakeholders in building and strengthening the ecosystem for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at IIT Madras:

  1. Students at IIT Madras
  2. Faculty at IIT Madras
  3. Research scholars at IIT Madras
  4. The various departments, centres, and entities within IIT Madras
  5. Staff at IIT Madras
  6. Alumni of IIT Madras
  7. Industry (corporate sector)
  8. Government (primarily, GoTN (Government of Tamil Nadu) and GoI (Government of India) through MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), DST (Department of Science & Technology), DBT (Department of Biotechnology) etc.)
  9. The Deshpande network
  10. Society at large

Our Vision

GDC’s vision is for India to be able to solve her society’s problems by using the full capabilities of the scientific and technological knowledge of Indian academic institutions through world class innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the ecosystem for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at IIT Madras and bridge the gap between the Institute and the marketplace. The following points outline the mission of GDC in terms of how it proposes to interact with its stakeholders, namely, Faculty, Students, Research Scholars, Corporates and Government. 

  • How can the research from our labs transform lives of common people and develop India? 
  • How can the Institute channel the creativity and energy of students in order to make them successful managers and entrepreneurs and make greater impact on their communities? 
  • How can the Institute’s academic projects and research papers be better transformed into technological breakthrough products and successful businesses?
  • How can our Institute use innovation to better collaborate with industry and government and enable more coherent policy formulation? 
  • How can our Institute align the technological expertise of our faculty and research scholars with the commercial instincts of industry to develop tomorrow’s products and services? 
  • How can innovation be better understood and practiced for it to permeate every aspect of campus life?.

Our Strategy

As part of its charter, GDC will nurture select new ideas and approaches that promise non‐linear impact and establish new pathways to solve grand challenges. GDC has a broader purpose than merely encouraging entrepreneurship and start-ups in the conventional sense. Towards achieving the above objectives, the GDC will seek to be a Center of Innovation that will: 

Create enabling mechanisms to get faculty to become more entrepreneurial in their teaching and in their research 

Seed new courses that relate to the I&E ecosystem, and contribute to strengthening it. 

Evangelize support for innovative ideas and research initiatives that have potential for commercialization, and curate such ideas to incubation by establishing robust processes 

Build a leadership program, with entrenched values and culture, to promote entrepreneurial thinking at all levels in the Institute. Become a world leader in innovation research, and make innovation a part of everyday life at the Institute.

Contact us:

Gopalakrishnan-Deshpande Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

IC & SR Building, II Floor - Annexe, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600 036


+91 44 2257 8433