Our Strategy

As part of its charter, GDC will nurture select new ideas and approaches that promise nonā€linear impact and establish new pathways to solve grand challenges. GDC has a broader canvas than merely encouraging entrepreneurship and start-ups in the conventional sense. Towards achieving the above objectives, the GDC will seek to be a Center of Innovation that will: 

  • Create enabling mechanisms to get faculty to become more entrepreneurial in their teaching and in their research.  
  • Seed new courses that relate to the I&E ecosystem, and contribute to strengthening it. 
  • Evangelize support for innovative ideas and research initiatives that have potential for commercialization, and curate such ideas to incubation by establishing robust processes. 
  • Build a leadership program with entrenched values and culture to promote entrepreneurial thinking at all levels in the Institute. 
  • Become a world leader in innovation research, and make innovation a part of everyday life at the Institute.

Contact us:

Gopalakrishnan-Deshpande Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

IC & SR Building, II Floor - Annexe, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600 036


+91 44 2257 8433